Most people know I crochet and knit (knitting is newer to me but I’m addicted!)   I love yarns and textures, especially bulky yarns!  I have never been able to find “thick and thin” yarns locally and the shipping cost for non local is insane.  Yesterday I noticed my local yarn store now has some thick and thin!  They don’t have tons of selection and at 15.00 for 100g its  not exactly cost friendly…but I couldn’t resist buying some.

I whipped up a cute little newborn beanie, problem is I think its a bit girlie which will force me to go get some boyish colour 😀 Any excuse to buy yarn right? lol

I’m hoping they will carry some solid colours, I’ll ask when I go in again today.

Looks like I will be shooting a newborn girl in the next couple weeks, her mommy is due in 7 days so trying to gather some new girlie props 🙂

Here’s the hat, knitted on 10mm dpn
DSC09568 DSC09569 DSC09572