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Archive for March, 2013

21 Mar 2013

Super Bulky Thick And Thin Pure Merino Yarn

Most people know I crochet and knit (knitting is newer to me but I’m addicted!)   I love yarns and textures, especially bulky yarns!  I have never been able to find “thick and thin” yarns locally and the shipping cost for non local is insane.  Yesterday I noticed my local yarn store now has some thick and thin!  They don’t have tons of selection and at 15.00 for 100g its  not exactly cost friendly…but I couldn’t resist buying some.

I whipped up a cute little newborn beanie, problem is I think its a bit girlie which will force me to go get some boyish colour 😀 Any excuse to buy yarn right? lol

I’m hoping they will carry some solid colours, I’ll ask when I go in again today.

Looks like I will be shooting a newborn girl in the next couple weeks, her mommy is due in 7 days so trying to gather some new girlie props 🙂

Here’s the hat, knitted on 10mm dpn
DSC09568 DSC09569 DSC09572

14 Mar 2013

10 Day Old Baby N


I had the opportunity to shoot this gorgeous little boy yesterday.  He was Born on March 3 2013 weighing just over 9lbs.  Look at the head of hair on him!  He was awake for most of the shoot but was so mellow he made it easy to get some great shots of him 🙂  I’ll probably add a few more as I get through editing 🙂

DSC09445-1 DSC09453 DSC09484

This is the first time I have done this pose (below).  I tried with my own son when he was born but its a pose you really do need an extra set of hands to do.  N’s mommy helped me (thanks Pam! I’ve been dying to try it!)   Its a composite of 2 photo’s (I did NOT balance him like this, I know some photographers do but I dont feel comfortable trying..safety first 🙂 The editing needs some cleaning up but wanted to share it anyways 🙂


10 Mar 2013

Newborn Baby Photography Photo Prop Upcycled Pants & Pixie Bonnet Hat

Above: Argyle pixie bonnet and matching pants with suspenders 😀
(I’m hoping we can use this outfit on my friends new baby this week)

I love to create, weather crochet, knitting or sewing.  I sell newborn photography props on Ebay and Etsy.
I haven’t been making much since the birth of my 3rd son 4 months ago, but Im slowly finding more time.
I’m addicted to upcycling!  These adorable outfits are so fun to make!

Here’s a few from this week 🙂


newborn upcycled pants




4 Mar 2013

Low Key Portrait Photography

I love low key photo’s so really wanted to test shooting some of my own.  Unfortunately my 2 older kids ( Nicholas 4 and Benjamin 2.5) think camera = silly time..typical kids right?  I  bribed Benjamin with a cookie…cookies work for everything…or so I thought… he quickly lost interest and was more into fiddling with my tripod.  Lesson learned.. tripod is way better then cookies!  He was very focused on turning all the knobs.  Most of the shots weren’t worth keeping but I did get this one and Love it!  I rarely get any pictures of my boys not making faces and sticking their tongues out at me.   I’m hoping Ethan will let me test on him, I’d like to master this style of lighting so I can use it more often, I love low key newborn images and should have a newborn shoot next week

3 Mar 2013

Kids & Baby Mustache Pictures

Chris has been asking me for an image he could put up in his office.   I spent some time brainstorming and this is what I came up with 🙂 Ethan makes me laugh, he had no idea what was so funny ( he’s my youngest at 16 weeks old)  His brothers didn’t want to stay still but a little bribery never hurt anyone, they’d do anything for ice cream 🙂

DSC09314-1024 DSC09297-1024