I had the opportunity to shoot this gorgeous little boy yesterday.  He was Born on March 3 2013 weighing just over 9lbs.  Look at the head of hair on him!  He was awake for most of the shoot but was so mellow he made it easy to get some great shots of him 🙂  I’ll probably add a few more as I get through editing 🙂

DSC09445-1 DSC09453 DSC09484

This is the first time I have done this pose (below).  I tried with my own son when he was born but its a pose you really do need an extra set of hands to do.  N’s mommy helped me (thanks Pam! I’ve been dying to try it!)   Its a composite of 2 photo’s (I did NOT balance him like this, I know some photographers do but I dont feel comfortable trying..safety first 🙂 The editing needs some cleaning up but wanted to share it anyways 🙂